Vic F

Vic F.

Until moving to Tucson, we have never had a house consisting of the latest in automation, audio, video, security and more. When seeking a vendor, our building contractor had several recommendations. But every time I checked references, only one name came out on top every time, Integra Custom Systems! So our education began selecting from the overwhelming number and types of products on the market. Fortunately, Integra had the expertise I needed to help me through the decision making maze while being very thorough about meeting my budget limitations. At the start of this project I was overwhelmed, but in retrospect the process was great and we got exactly what we wanted. At installation time, the quality of workmanship could not have been better. It has been three years since the completion of our installation, and we could not be happier; especially when I need additional technical education or service is needed. It is so great to have full control of all of our household electronics right in the palm of our hand. Because of these complex systems and the investment I’ve made, I only wanted the best to get me through this project. Thank you Integra